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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein
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Single, Double, Triple wide mobile home or Pier-N-Beam leveling issues? Do you have warping or squeaking floors? How about humps in your floors? Are your piers leaning, broken, or cracked? Do you have enough support as your foundation? 

Are you purchasing or re-financing a mobile home/manufactured home? Is your foundation or the home your trying to purchase not complying with FHA or HUD standards? Has a structural engineer inspected your home, only to find it does not meet FHA or HUD guidelines? Have they told you the home needs an FHA Approved Retrofit

When is the last time you had your mobile home re-leveled? Is it a part of your yearly home maintenance? If not, it should be. With the unpredictable climate we live in, keeping our homes level has become quite a task, but a very important part to keeping your home looking its best.

ET Mobile Home Leveling is here to the rescue! We are based out of East Texas and located in Wills Point, TX. We are a 1 office, 2 owner/operator, family owned business, & we take great pride in doing every job right, the 1st time. 

​Why are we different?
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ET Mobile Home Leveling is a small, family owned & operated business. Business owner & operators Ricky & Vanessa Connelly offer  respect, knowledge, & decades of experience where mobile homes are concerned. 

We respect each client and the relationship that is formed, before/during & after each job. We also understand how hard it is to make a living and maintain a home, it can certainty not be easy sometimes.  

We've also been right where you sit today, and know how hard it is to find someone to arrive on time, do the job right, one who actually knows what they're doing & in a timely manner, and not over charge you for their services. 

We provide our clients with honesty, hard work, & an absolute fair price. To prove we care, we provide each of our clients with a 1-4 Yr Service Agreement (depending on work done). 

If you're wanting:

  • An estimate
  • To have your home re-leveled
  • To comply with FHA or HUD guidelines (by installing a Retrofit)
  • To have a complete level installed
  • To have R-panel skirting installed 

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Small, ​Family Owned & Operated
Licensed & Bonded
Provide a 1 - 4 Yr Service Agreement 
Quality Skills, Expertise & Professionalism
Personally OnSite at EVERY Job
Call With ANY Questions

Be sure and do your regular upkeep where your leveling is concerned! It saves you a headache and money in the future!
Manufactured Housing Division -
Ricky's License #: MHDINS00004622
ET Mobile Home Leveling, Foundation Repair & House Leveling, Wills Point, TX
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